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Does This Sound Familiar?

My emotions seem so big and overwhelming that they paralyse me. When I get overwhelmed with emotions, I do things I regret. I feel numb and emotionless sometimes.

I want to feel close and secure with my loved ones, but we seem to end up fighting a lot and I have difficulty trusting them.

I don’t know who I am. I am so used to being whoever others want me to be. Things seem to be going fine, but I feel something is missing in my life.

I hate myself, why can’t I get my life together? Why do the same things keep happening again even though I’m trying so hard to change?

I feel weighed down by the burdens and traumas of my past, I can’t seem to move forward and leave them behind.

Hey there, I’m Melissa, the heart behind this space dedicated to your well-being. I’ve made it my mission to offer a nurturing and secure sanctuary for individuals navigating the complex challenges of life. I believe in the transformative power of a safe haven, where you can explore your emotional landscape, build authentic connections, and learn to skillfully manage your emotions.

Melissa Yoong

Founder & Psychotherapist


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What People say

Melissa is super helpful and nice when giving advice and allowing me to push my limits where I could have a lot of self-growth. I managed to overcome many obstacles that I would have struggled with in the past. I highly recommend Melissa as a therapist.


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